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The Vet Clinic, Inc. offers a variety of surgeries to get your pets back to their optimal health.You may be anxious about your pet having surgery.  Here are some facts about surgery, what we do and why, and the different procedures we offer at The Vet Clinic, Inc.

No matter what surgery your pet needs, you can trust that ours is the best trained staff around! We monitor heart rate and EKC (electrical firing of the heart,  just like in humans), oxygen saturation, temperature, and blood pressure with machines. And since machines don’t have a brain, we also ALWAYS have a highly trained professional to monitor your fur child from the time they start to get sleepy until the time they can sit up or stand on their own.  

ANESTHESIA during Surgery (General vs. Local)

Most people prefer general anesthesia (your pet will be in a deep sleep) because this is less scary for your pet.  

The process of getting your fur child ready for anesthesia involves a complete physical examination of all body functions. Then an assessment of behavior, making sure your pet has not had any food or water by mouth for at least 6 hours (12 is better, but it depends on your pet – we will let you know!) and how he/she has been feeling for the week or so. 

Next is routine laboratory work exactly the same as you would have performed before anesthesia. Dr. Sara needs to know if the insides of your pet are working well before anesthesia. 

Finally,  your kiddo will receive an IV catheter so that we can provide medication and fluids to your pet before, during, and after their procedure. We take the very best care of your pet as we possibly can! We want to be able to provide you and yours the safest and most comfortable experience possible!  

Dr. Sara uses a multi-model approach to anesthesia. This means that she selects the best combination of anesthetic agents (drugs) to get the best combination for your baby for their procedure. This way she gets the best of each drug while minimizing the side effects. This is the safest way to perform anesthesia. 


This is a major abdominal (part of body where stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, uterus and urinary bladder are located) surgery.  During this procedure Dr. Sara carefully and expertly removes your dog/cat/pig’s uterus and ovaries. This surgery prevents her from being able to get pregnant and getting uterine or ovarian cancer!


This is a much less invasive surgery typically. Dr. Sara will carefully and gently remove your boys' testicles. This procedure, if done early enough, will prevent “marking” (peeing on their property) and other unsightly behaviors. It has the wonderful side effect of your boy not being able to get anyone pregnant!  


Often times pets have unwanted growths on various places of the bodies.  These can be harmless, but can also be dangerous for your pet.  Dr. Sara can remove unsightly “wisdom bumps”  and also remove potentially harmful growths on your dog or cat! 

She has access to cautery (increases healing to reduction of bleeding), laser scalpel, or your traditional surgery methods. She will make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible throughout the entire healing process.   


Depending on the severity of the problem, Dr. Sara often recommends a consultation with a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, just like you would want a surgeon that specializes in knee or back surgery if you were to need a procedure. This way your pet can have a maximized potential for the best outcome.  Transparency and honesty is always a priority at The Vet Clinic, Inc. and we will not hesitate to recommend a Veterinary Surgeon if it is needed.