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Places to look for good information as a pet owner

I try to teach my staff where they can locate the correct knowledge. These websites I have linked to offer legit information. This blog is going to give you doctor approved AWESOME INFO!

  • Cats – The American Association of Feline Practitioners has wonderful information for cat owners. Click on this link to go to their caring for cats pet owner page. This page has all kinds of tips, videos, oral healthcare and other useful information for AMAZING cat parents! FYI – I am a member of the this association and we are a CAT-FRIENDLY PRACTICE!
  • Worms/parasites/creatures living in or on your pets – The Companion Animal Parasite Council has cool interactive maps that can show you how many animals tested positive in the county you live in for certain diseases like heartworms (from mosquitoes) or lyme disease (from ticks). They also have guidelines on how often test for diseases, how frequently to treat your pet with preventions even what to feed your pets. Click Here for these guidelines
  • Heartworms – The American Heartworm Society is where you should go to learn about heartworm basics. You can watch a video about heartworms, mosquitoes and how it all works. The American Heartworm Society has guidelines about when to test, how often to give preventions and who is at RISK  – DOGS & CATS!
  • The American Animal Hospital Association has guidelines and positions on cat aging, oral/dental healthcare guidelines for dogs and cats, nutrition, pain management, and declawing guidelines.
  • My staff and I are available to discuss any of these guidelines and what it means for your personal furkid.
  • Pet MD and Veterinary Partner are good places to look up specific diseases that your pet may have been diagnosed.
This is by no means a complete list of good websites, it just offers a few of my favorites! Please comment and ask questions about what else you might want to learn about! I am looking for new topics to discuss with you :)


Dr. Sara