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Pet Dentistry


Our staff is extremely well trained in the field of dental care, and this is one of Dr. Sara's passions!  A clean and healthy mouth will go a long way to increase quality and length of life for your four-legged family member.  

We offer digital dental xrays, routine cleaning and polishing with an ultrasonic scaler, sealants to prevent bacteria and tarter from sticking to teeth for up to 6 months. We also perform extractions as needed for broken teeth.   

We follow the American Animal Hospital Association’s Oral Healthcare Guidelines to provide your pet the best possible dental healthcare possible.

We use some unique equipment and strategies when working on your pets teeth!
  • Digital Dental Radiographs – helps Dr. Sara find problems under the gums that may not be seen by visual inspection of the mouth
  • High powered drills – this makes extractions a breeze
  • Hot Dawg – special blanket that keeps your pet warm while having his or her teeth cleaned
  • After dental procedures, we offer laser therapy on the gums to decrease pain and inflamation and to promote healing.  This is done while the patient is still asleep.  

Rest assured, we have the very best equipment. We have the same setup as your dentist office would have.